Corpus of videos, home-movie video archives
2007 - on going

SPOOL is a project consisting in the recovery of home-movies analog video archives. Each archive is analyzed in its formal qualities and re-structured into a video, called “tape”. Every “tape” is numbered in sequential order and maintains its own autonomy. In its entirety, SPOOL reflects on the ways of self-representation at the turning point between exclusive film formats and the video as the first medium that allowed a wide public to realize and share amateur audiovisual productions. Up to now, SPOOL includes 7 “tapes” for an overall length of two hours ca.

Tape 01 . Lia (2007)
Tape 02 . Roger (2007)
Tape 03 . Rita (2008)
Tape 04 . Giulio (2010)
Tape 05 . Elena (2011)
Tape 06 . Martina (2011)
Tape 07 . Cecilia (2012)