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Three Works
16.5 x 24 cm. 232 pages. English/Italian. Edited by Eva Fabbris
Texts by Yann Chateigné, Eva Fabbris, Andréa Picard and Andrea Viliani;
conversation between Federico Chiari, Attilia Fattori Franchini and Marianna Vecellio
Published by Lenz Press, April 2021
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The downward spiral: 59th Venice Biennale
Review by Dean Kissick
Spike (online), May 12 2022
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Cyborgs, sirens and a singing murderer: the thrilling, oligarch-free Venice Biennale
Review by Adrian Searle
The Guardian, April 25 2022
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Afterimages of Progress: on Diego Marcon's film Monelle
Text by Nora N. Khan
STILL – Studies on Moving Images, Chapter 3 (web), October 2021
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Cannes & Marseille Film Festivals: The Parents' Room
Interview by Nicolas Bardot
Le Polyester (web), July 24 2021
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Cannes Film Festivals: The Parents' Room
Interview by Marina D. Richter
Ubiquarian (web), July 15 2021
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Cannes 2021 interview: on working all the angles in "The Parents' Room"
Interview by Stephen Saito
The Moveable Fest (web), July 13 2021
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Diego Marcon formato famiglia
Interview by Bruno Di Marino
Alias, Il manifesto, July 3 2021
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The Unseen Sea: Ludwig by Diego Marcon
Text by Sharmini Aphrodite
So Far (web), April 4 2019
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Diego Marcon e l'indagine dell'oscurità
Text by Clara Mazzoleni
Rivista Studio (web), 1st August 2018
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Tutto si spegne nel momento in cui lo vedi
Text by Cesare Alemanni
il Tascabile (web), July 31 2018
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Trost in Tränen
Apparizioni e sparizioni nei film e nei video di Diego Marcon

Text by Michele D'Aurizio
Flash Art Italia 339, pp. 48–53 (+ cover)
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Lack of Light
interview by Eva Fabbris
Mousse 62, February–March 2018, pp. 182-193
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A Year Full of Shadows
by Barbara Casavecchia
frieze (web), December 2017
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Au commencement il y a la lumière
text by Federico Florian
Flash Art 330, December 2016/January 2017, pp. 61-65
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Pictures Never Stop.
Repetition and visual liquidity in the videos and animations of Diego Marcon

text by Barbara Casavecchia
frieze 178, April 2016, pp. 106-107
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Heart, Film, Exhaustion
a conversation with Caterina Riva
NERO Magazine, November 2015
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Il bianco degli occhi
text by Federico Chiari
Flash Art, July/August/September 2014
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Reality Spotter text by François Quintin
Arts Magazine n.81, November 2013, pp. 24-25
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Who watches this stuff? text by Chris Fite-Wassilak
for the exhibition "SPOOL", Artspace, Auckland, NZ, July 2013
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On retreat interview by Francesco Garutti
Abitare n.532, May 2013, pp. 68-73
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I miei due grandi amori? Il Cinema e "Cronaca vera"
article by Carmen Scotti, Cronaca vera n.1899
January, 28 2009, pp. 12-13
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Pattini d'argento review by Cristina Piccino
Il Manifesto, September 2007
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